Review Request Information

What is an ARC?

Advance review copy. It is when a reviewer (like me!) gets sent a free copy of a book that has not yet been released in exchange for an honest review.

Can I send you an ARC?

Not at this time, sorry.

What if my book has already been published?

Send it anyway! I'm always happy to read and review a new book, especially if it's free.

When can I expect a review?

In general, I try to have all reviews up within a week of receiving the copy. ARCs, of course, get higher priority than other books on my TBR.

What can I expect from your review?

Honesty. I will never attack an author personally, but I also won't sugarcoat my opinions. I won't ever be (intentionally) mean, but I believe reviews are no good if they aren't honest. I rank all books on a scale from 0 - 10, and I focus on plot, characters, writing style, and political aspects of the book. I also include a cover, a summary, and my general thoughts. I post all my reviews to Goodreads as well as this website.

What genres do you accept?

Almost anything, but my preferences are...

  • all YA and most middle grade
  • thrillers
  • humor
  • crime
  • supernatural / paranormal
  • fantasy
  • queer fiction
  • diverse reads
  • graphic novels (selectively -- please note that graphic novels will receive a SnarkNotes entry, not a full review)
I prefer physical ARCs, but I'll accept digital copies if necessary.

What genres do you not accept?
  • erotica (books that have sex in them is fine, but straight-up erotica is not)
  • adult horror (YA and middle grade horror is usually fine, though)
  • adult fantasy (again, YA and middle grade is fine)
  • picture books
  • children's books
  • poetry
  • nonfiction
I also will not take anything written by people I know personally -- I want to go in unbiased.

How can I send you a book to review?

Email me at with your book information!

If, for whatever reason, your book isn't the right fit, I'll tell you so -- but please, don't take it personally. Some books just don't mesh with certain people. And I'll try almost anything once!

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