Monday, February 25, 2019

SnarkNotes: Sheets by Brenna Thummler

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Today's SnarkNotes topic is... Sheets by Brenna Thummler!

  • fantasy
  • graphic novel
  • drama

  • Marjorie is a lonely young girl who has held her family together by the seams ever since her mother died
  • Wendell is a lonely young boy who died far too soon, and is having trouble adjusting to his new situation as a ghost
  • when Wendell stumbles across the laundromat where Marjorie works -- the family business she struggles to keep afloat -- he inadvertently makes matters much, much worse for her
  • as Wendell attempts to make the afterlife work for him, Marjorie attempts to keep her own life from spiraling out of control

  • first of all, the art style is absolutely GORGEOUS
  • and for such a short story, there was a LOT of emotional weight here
  • I teared up more times than I am proud to admit
  • Marjorie was such a fantastic protagonist. her situation has forced her to grow up fast but she's still undoubtedly a child
  • and Wendell?
  • oh my sweet baby Wendell
  • he's so precious
  • I loved the society of ghosts, and the fact that they literally need to have sheets to be able to see each other
  • I love how the story balances the ghosts and fantasy element with the real-world turmoil of Marjorie's family situation
  • mentioning the art again because it's really something special
  • I opened the book on a random page in the bookstore, looked at the art for twenty seconds, and then decided to buy it
  • my main complaint is that the villain felt a bit weak?
  • almost a little too cartoonishly evil
  • (and yes, I realize "it's not realistic" is an odd complaint for a story with ghosts in it but you know what I mean)
  • I also thought it was a bit short, but that complaint is pretty minor because the story wrapped up nicely
  • and if my complaint is that I wish there was more of it, that's a pretty good sign tbh
  • it works great as a self-contained story, but I absolutely would not say "no" to a volume 2
  • also, fuck you Brenna Thummler, the last panel literally made me cry
  • and I was at WORK when I read this
RATING: 8 / 10


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