Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SnarkNotes: The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell

SnarkNotes: noun. The sort of review Susie does for books that wouldn't mesh with her usual review format. Graphic novels, nonfiction, fiction she's read before, and fiction she simply doesn't have much to say about all fall under the SnarkNotes category. SnarkNotes are usually brief and snide in nature.

Today's SnarkNotes topic is... The Disaster Artist by Greg Sestero and Tom Bissell!


  • autobiography
  • nonfiction
  • comedy of the cringiest variety


  • think of the worst movie you've ever seen
  • now double it in terms of awfulness
  • now add every behind the scenes nightmare that you can think of
  • now you might be somewhere in the ballpark of what is considered to be the worst movie ever made, The Room
  • back in the 90s, Greg Sestero met Tommy Wiseau at an acting class
  • Tommy is objectively terrible at everything and has a difficult personality to boot, but in spite of it, he and Greg become friends
  • a few years later, Tommy convinces Greg to star in his magnum opus, a movie called The Room
  • it's a fucking disaster
  • and this is Greg's take on how it all went down


  • really funny
  • if you get the audiobook I'm told Greg does a Tommy impression (and if you've seen the movie you know why that's objectively amazing)
  • I love behind the scenes stories, especially ones for movies as (in)famous as this
  • a surprisingly touching story about friendship and following your dreams
  • or, you know, the danger thereof


  • found myself skimming over some parts
  • sadly only shows Greg's perspective, which, for such a magnificent shitshow, really is not enough
  • the bits with Tommy's possibly-fake backstory felt a bit pointless to me
  • as someone who is interested in film production, reading the bits about the filming made me want to devour myself inward out of sheer secondhand embarrassment (which I think was the intent)
  • honestly a lot of the most hilariawful parts of The Room aren't NEARLY as funny once you know how awful it was for the actors


  • I don't normally read nonfiction but I'm glad I read this
  • I would LOVE to see similar works from other cast and crew members (except Tommy)
  • I'm also really excited to see the movie that's coming out later this year
  • it has Dave Franco and Zefron, how bad could it be?

RATING: 6.5/10

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