Friday, August 25, 2017

10 Book-Buying Struggles We All Relate To

I like books.

(Shocker of the year.)

As a result, I frequent bookstores, and I've run into a lot of issues of the years. Here are some I think we can all relate to, and cry over.

1. When your nearest bookstore is... lacking.

It smells funny, the carpet has suspicious stains on it, it hasn't been vacuumed in six years, a family of raccoons have made themselves at home, and the phone signal is terrible. But it's all you have. Just be sure to take a shower after a trip there.

2. When you find a copy of a book you already own, but with a better cover.

It's like God is taunting you.

3. When your TBR is already a mile long.

You already have a million things to read -- your to be read list is too long for you to ever actually conceivably get through it. The last thing you need is to go to the bookstore and add more books to it.


4. When your favorite genre's section is TINY.

There are 10 books in this section. You've read them all. You own them all. There hasn't been a new addition in about six years. You are desperate for new content, and you check every single time you go book-shopping. But it'll never come, so you just stand there, staring at the shelf (or half-shelf), sighing to yourself with each disappointment.

5. When the staff won't leave you alone.

You get that they're trying to be helpful, but sometimes, you just want to browse in peace and quiet.

6. When the only cover you can find is of the movie poster.

WHY?! It's especially annoying when the movie adaptation isn't even good.

7. When they don't have your favorite book.

Yes, you already have it, but if this store doesn't carry it, then how will everyone ELSE discover it and experience that sort of wonder and joy and awesomeness? Carrying your favorite book is really a public service, and they should get on that.

8. When you overload your bag and it rips.

Hard mode: it happens as you're crossing the street and you have to scramble to gather all your books before you get run over.

9. When you can only afford one book... but you want 12.

Decisions, decisions...

Oh, who are we kidding? If your self-control is anything like mine, you'll just buy them all.

10. When you're so broke, you can't actually justify getting a new book... but you still want it.

So then you just stand there, calculating if  maybe you can go without something this pay period.

Like food.

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